The Greater Hillsboro

Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 225, Hillsboro Mo 63050  *  636-481-6718

On behalf of the Greater Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce,

Welcome to our City and the surrounding area.

The Greater Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce is an organization established to serve the business community through its commitment to promoting a positive business environment and encourage growth. Growth brings new people, new goods and services to the area and new revenue to existing businesses. Our chamber is dedicated to support and represent businesses for the betterment

of our community.

What sets our Chamber apart is our focus on the community as well as our businesses. The Hillsboro Chamber believes in Community events, giving back to our community and creating opportunities for both our community members and businesses to benefit from. Through our community events our members are able to sponsor or volunteer building community trust and relationship's. Relationships with the community are key to a successful business and its growth!

Deborah Colletti, President
Kami Kimes, Vice President
Brian Gaudet, Secretary

Mandy Alley, Treasurer

Board of Directors-21/22

Matt Woods

Kim Sebaugh

Wayne Wiley

Sara Sucharski

Dave Scott

Dale Missey

Office Administrator

Mandy Alley